Welcome 2021!

Looking forward to new beginnings...

What's in the Truffles box? 4 Nutella-Oreo + 4 Alfajores + 4 Hazelnut-Orange

What's in the Faves box? 3 Choc Muffins + 3 Lemon Buttermilk + 6 Alfajores Truffles

What's in the Cookies box? 3 Madies + 12 Pecan Sablés + 6 Coco-Rasp Macaroons

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¡¡Omaigá!! VIP Appreciation Boxes

The select few who make our lives worth living, our VIPs, deserve to be recognized. In a time when staying connected is a bit challenging, we are proud to be a tasty link between you and the important people in your lives.

We ship carefully crafted boxes of fresh pastries to the best of the best. Every box includes a handwritten note with your personal message. Everything is individually wrapped for easy sharing and portioning. You can freeze them and enjoy them over time, take some over to your neighbors, or make it a special 'coffee & cake' moment with your family.

Check out our box options, place an order by Friday and your package will ship the following Monday.

We ship to the 48 contiguous states.

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¡O-mai-gá! Truffles $35

These were a huge hit in December. After so much raving and OMGs! from our clients, we've decided to keep these babies on the menu. Each box has 12 truffles (4 of each flavor). For alfajores obsessed VIPs, you can select an alfajores truffles only option in the order form.


nutella, oreo crumbs

Dark chocolate shell, Nutella, dark chocolate, crushed oreo cookies.

Alfajores Truffles

dulce de leche, toasted alfajores dough

Milk chocolate shell, dulce de leche, Dulcey chocolate, flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt.


lemon syrup soak

Feuilletine, hazelnut praline, Jivara Lactée chocolate, candied orange, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, gold dust.

Client Faves $39

Our clients have many favorites. We're starting off the year featuring three of the most talked about desserts. Each box has three bags of each item. Chocolate Muffin (1/bag), Truffles 3 per bag (9 total), Lemon-Buttermilk (1/bag).

Chocolate Muffin

ganache, almond streusel

Flour, buttermilk, heavy cream, dark chocolate, eggs, sugar, 10-X sugar, light brown sugar, almond flour, butter, cocoa powder, ground coffee, baking powder, baking soda, salt.

Alfajores Truffles

dulce de leche, toasted alfajores dough

Milk chocolate shell, dulce de leche, Dulcey chocolate, flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt.

Lemon-Buttermilk Cake

lemon syrup soak

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, buttermilk, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, baking soda.

All-Star Cookies $39

Our cookies are a mix of classic and modern. These three flavors received the most accolades from our clients. Each box has three bags of each. Pecan sablés (4/bag), Madies (1/bag), Coconut-Raspberry Macaroons (2/bag).

Pecan Sablés

shortbread, toasted pecans

Flour, European style butter, cane sugar, pecans, egg whites.


chocolate-walnut cookie bottom, lemon madeleine top

Dark chocolate, Dulcey chocolate, butter, flour, brown sugar, eggs, baking powder, walnuts, lemons, sugar, honey.

Coco-Rasp Macaroons

coconut, Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration

Egg whites, sugar, honey, salt, coconut, almond flour, vanilla extract, Valrhona Raspberry Inspiration.